Price: $700

Seller: brian
State: Maryland
City: Baltimore
Zip code: 21201
Type: Animals

We are taking deposits of 50 dollars to hold your cat and rest is due when they are 12 weeks old and ready to go home. they are about 6 weeks old now. We have 3 spyhnx cats avalible at this time. i have one female and one male that are tux in color they will look like the daddy that is in this picture. i also have one cream color male. We are a brand new spyhnx cat company who breeds only the best to get the best. all of our parent cats cost us over 12 hundred a peice and were tested for everything known to man to make sure they are the best in breed. our parents are tux, calico, tabby and calico so we have good stock. Our cats are never caged and raised very well. you can contact me here at hairless gems at 302-604-